4 Simple Steps to Perfect Visualization

The creative visualization process can help you in all aspects of your life, whether you want to lose weight, get a promotion at work, improve your health, or become successful.

To activate the visualization process, you don’t need to believe in any faith, metaphysical, or spiritual ideas; you just need to think that the process will work for you.

Here are four simple steps that you can take to create an effective creative visualization process that works for you.

Step #1 Ð Establish Your Goal
Figure out what you want to have, who you want to be, or what goal you want to achieve.

It can be finding a new love, landing a better job, or finding success in your business. If you start small, you can create a few wins and witness how powerful visualization can be in attaining your heartÕs desires.


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This is especially effective in eliminating procrastination.

Step #2 Ð Create a Detailed Picture of Attaining the Goal
You need to create a mental scene of your desired outcome as if it has already been achieved, being sure to visualize it as happening now. As you imagine the scene playing out, what do you see? What do you hear? Imagine what is moving in the picture and what is remaining still.

You need to include as many sensual details as you can for this process to be effective. When you imagine yourself achieving the desired goal, or performing the desired activity, make sure that you are looking at it from your own perspective, rather than as an outside observer.

Step #3 Ð Focus and Then Repeat
Add extra power to your visualization with repetition. Set the alarm on your phone and place yourself in your scene several times a day. Integrate the feelings of your imagined ÒcurrentÓ reality during the day and at night.

Doing this will help the scene become more natural and evident to your brain and desired reality will increasingly feel as though it is already your reality.

Step #4 Ð Add Some Positive Energy
While you are focusing on your goal, add in some positive and encouraging vibes. Make strong positive statements to yourself. Tell yourself that your goal exists, that you have already achieved it, and that it is good.

Now, add your own positive emotions like laughter, and celebrate the win as it occurs in your imagination.


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The only way you can get better at creative visualization is by practicing it daily.

Follow these four simple steps to help you perfect your creative visualization process.

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