5 Tricks To Become A Positive Thinker In No Time At All

Positive thinkers didn’t become positive people overnight. It’s not like they went to sleep one night as negative thinkers and the next day they woke up thinking positively all the time.

Learning how to think positively is a work in progress, you ‘d need to invest the time and effort to train yourself to let go of your negativity.

Here are five tricks you can start practicing today to help you master positive thinking in no time at all.

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1. Embrace the morning ritual habit

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Many successful entrepreneurs have a morning ritual habit, so if you ever want to achieve your dreams, you should work on acquiring this habit.

You’ll learn to sleep early so you can wake up early in the morning, too.

You’ll learn to do your most important activities in the morning– exercise, writing in your journal, planning your day, etc.– so you increase your productivity and of course, your positivity.


2. Read good books

You may be too busy to finish a book per day, but surely you can squeeze in a few minutes per day to read a few pages or maybe even an entire chapter.

But, don’t just read any kind of book.

Choose books where you’ll actually learn a new skill or two, or something that will help improve your life.


3. Smile and laugh

There’s nothing wrong with being serious, but we should always find the time to smile and laugh every single day.

Share a joke with your family, friends, and coworkers.

Watch a funny TV show or go on YouTube to look at funny cat videos.

There’s a reason why those kinds of videos go viral! People love them because it cheers them up!


4. Think happy thoughts

Only you know what kind of thoughts make you happy.

Whatever it is, try to conjure an image of that object, person, dream, goal, etc. whenever you feel down or when you start imagining negative scenarios.

Learn to use your happy thoughts to block out all the negativity your mind conjures!


5. Count all your blessings

Even the poorest person in the world has got something to be thankful for.

Whether it be your family, friends, love, material wealth, success, etc. if it makes you happy then count it as a blessing.

Write it down if you can so you don’t ever forget!

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