An Introduction To Social E-Mail Marketing

[…] An Introduction To Social E-Mail Marketing
While some people would like to have you believe that e-mail marketing will soon
become extinct in 2018 and beyond nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many people that would like to have you believe the new way of
communicating with friends and customers will soon be strictly social and skip the
e-mail marketing process altogether.

While I will not deny that social marketing sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and
LinkedIn are a great way to stay in contact with your crowd we still need to heavily
focus on quality e-mail marketing. results report on social mediareports that 64% of consumers that are
active on the Internet if given the choice prefer promotional contact from retailers
by e-mail over of social media.

There’s also been tests and reports that have proven many times that e-mail
marketing still pulls much higher conversion rates when selling products to
consumers than any other type of customer contact including all forms of social

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Admittedly social media outlets are a great way to get subscribers on to your e-mail
list with freebies and premium bribes offered through the social media outlets such
as Twitter and Facebook, following up with those customers is best done through
direct response e-mail.

While there is very little doubt that social media is here to stay, I predict that in the
very near future were going to start seeing e-mail begin to develop its own social
medium interaction in ways we have never seen before..

A perfect example of this is a new app that you can hook up to your Gmail account

Rapportive is an incredible new Gmail app that shows you everything about your
contacts right inside of your e-mail inbox.

Rapportive gives you instant updates on what your e-mail contacts are doing in all
of their social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
Rapportive gives you content rich profiles right inside of your Gmail account
including a photo of the person you’re talking to. This kind of social interaction in
your inbox gives your e-mail a more personal feel.

There are also links to allow you to follow anyone you may be e-mailing on the off
chance that you’re not already socially connected to that person.

Another very cool feature is that Rapportive replaces the Gmail ads within your email inbox, so now rather than looking at ads you can find out what’s going on in
your friends and customers lives without even logging into Facebook.

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This is e-mail and social marketing on steroids, would you expect anything less for
2018 in your Internet marketing business?

If you are not using Rapportive yet in your Gmail or Google apps e-mail account
you need to start using it today, plain and simple if you’re at all serious about your
Internet marketing business.

Targeting Your Email Marketing

One of the most important new aspects of e-mail marketing is making sure your
content is highly targeted to your customer base.

One of the ways of being sure you are targeting your customer base correctly Mr.
heavy experimentation and split testing of your content.

Think about every e-mail that you send to your customer list as if you were sending
it to your mother or best friend. When you write like you’re talking to a single
person or a small audience of good friends you’re going to connect with your
customer list on a much more personal level.

Now that e-mail marketing is been so popular for so many years many people that
haven’t gotten a new e-mail address in over five years are subscribed to so many
darn e-mail lists that is incredibly easy for your e-mail to get lost in the crowd.

Because of this we need to make sure that your e-mail stand out, and that you also
build a relationship with your customer base.

Some of the ways that you can target your e-mail are by paying careful attention to
things such as:

 Subject lines
 E-mail date and times
 Amount of free content vs. amount of pitching

The overall tone of deciding if you want to talk your customer in a professional or
personal tone depending on the type of product and type of niche that you

Segmentation Through Analytics

Most e-mail marketing responders nowadays come with highly targeted
segmentation and analytical tools to help you do multiple different types of testing
with your e-mail list on every single e-mail that you send.

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In 2018 it’s incredibly easy to find auto responders that will allow you to send an email on any given subject today, and then in a few hours or even tomorrow pull
report that tells you exactly which subscribers on your e-mail list
1. opened your e-mail
2. click date link in your e-mail
3. forwarded your e-mail on to a friend

Can you imagine how powerful it is if you send an e-mail to 2000 people and
tomorrow you figure out that only 500 of those people clicked through to your
products page?

With this information there are multiple different things that we can do.

We can send another e-mail to only the 500 people that clicked asked what they
thought about the information presented at your website and to ask them to buy.

Another option is we can send a separate e-mail to the 1500 people that did not
click the link in your e-mail and ask them why. You can now create some sort of
urgency about a free report that’s going to disappear or a video that will only be
posted for a limited time so they need to click today to get access.

By being able to give specific instructions to people based on what they did with the
previous e-mail that you sent them it is incredibly easy to steer your customers in
exactly the direction and sales funnel that you wish them to go.

In a while were going to talk more about all responders and why you need one so
you can highly target all of the content that you send your customer base.
Do You Blog Your E-Mail?

Something else that you want to heavily consider when deciding to market with email is posting a copy of every single e-mail you send to your blog.

The benefit of posting the e-mail that you send on your blog as well so you can get
tons of content out there for search engines to pick up, not to mention with
the social interactivity the blogs have nowadays you can get a lot of new
traffic when you put twitter and Facebook buttons on your blog so people can
re-tweet or like your blog postings of your e-mails which will give every e-mail
that you send a little bit of a viral effect.

Think of it this way, what you sent an e-mail to your customer list you probably got
a matter of a few hours if you’re lucky before that e-mail is buried in your
customer’s inbox and possibly will never be seen again.

By blogging all of your e-mail you get all the content that you create an unlimited
shelf life that never expires.

You will be surprised how many of your customers
that may miss one of your e-mails catch it for five days after you send it
because they follow your blog.

One important thing to remember though posting your e-mail content to your
blog is to stay relevant on the topic of your marketing niche. If you spent
years building up an e-mail list of customers that like to buy material on NLP
or hypnosis but then suddenly your blog start showing e-mail posts talking
about how to give a great massage, you will quickly lose your customers
interest. If they were looking for information on massage they would be on
another e-mail list not yours.

Following Up With Email […]

This article is actually a Chapter from e-Mail Marketing Update 2018!

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