Do You Talk To Yourself? Find Out Why You Should!

You may think that the only people who talk to themselves are those confined within the walls of a mental institution.

If you think like this, then you’re sorely mistaken!

Successful individuals talk to themselves all the time.

If you’re still not sold on this idea, read through the reasons below to find out why it’s high time you should start having conversations with yourself.

Human Interest


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1. You become more objective


When you talk to yourself, you tend to think of yourself in the third person.

You (the voice) is the third person looking in from the outside.

You can distance yourself from your inner thoughts, and you can look at yourself more objectively.

When you give yourself some options, you just may be surprised how often your ‘external’ self gives a different answer from what you were thinking about!



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2. You can motivate yourself


A little pep talk won’t hurt you. Many people do talk to themselves right before they go on the big stage.


3. You remember more details


When you talk to yourself out loud, you tend to remember it better than if you were just thinking about it.

It’s like you hear someone else speaking to you, and it just stands out in your memory.

If you’re practicing a presentation, you can try to talk yourself through the process.

The more you hear what you need to do, the easier and less difficult each step appears to be.


4. You can think more positively



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If you’ve got a swarm of negative thoughts just ready to pounce on you when it’s quiet, well, you can block out the noise by talking positively with yourself.

Say positive things out loud every time your inner voice tries to sabotage you with negative stuff!


5. You become more focused


When you talk to yourself, you listen. If you tell yourself whatever it is that you need to do, then you listen very carefully.

This allows you to become more focused on the task at hand.


6. You feel better


When you unload your negative thoughts and talk your way out of all the negativity that surrounds you, then you’ll feel so much better after!

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