Goals Equal Success

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Goals are the end towards which effort is directed. We all have goals in our life. But have we ever actually written down our goals?

Researchers found that 90% of us never set goals. Of the 10% who actually do, only 3% have actually written them down.


The latter 3% group, believe it or don’t, consists of some of the most successful people in all fields of endeavor.

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What Goal Setting Require of Us


1. Have a Main Goal

Have a clear perspective of what you want, what you want to be, and what you want to do.

Have a main goal that you want to reach in the near future. Doing this would make you look forward to something in your everyday life.

Don’t ever write down “I want to be successful.” This is not a valid goal. Goals should be clear and definite. “by next year I would be able to buy a Toyota Altis …” Goals should be specific.


2. Construct Short-term Goals

You now have a main goal. You have a definite target.

The next step to goal setting is to divide the main goal into smaller goals so you can spread it out into a timeline.

By having short-term goals you are actually avoiding yourself to a loss of interest. You are eagerly awaiting for every completion of the goals that you have written down.

It would also be easier for you to keep track of your goals. You would be able to monitor your pace and take notice of your progress. This practice would motivate you more in reaching for your goals.


3. Have a Timeline

By identifying the short-term goals required to reach the main goal, you are actually constructing a more manageable goal setting timeline.

This step to goal setting would give you a sense of control. It would monitoring your progress. A goal that is reached way before the deadline is a sure boost to self confidence.


4. Write Down the Benefits

Always write down what benefits you expect to obtain upon reaching your goals. Without these benefits, you would be clueless as to why you are trying to reach for something.

Confusion on what prize you would get in the end would mar your confidence and diminish your motivation.


5. Make it Visible

You have written down your main goal, the short-term goals, constructed a timeline and the benefits. Its now time to post it.

It must be visible to you any time of the day. It shall serve as a constant reminder that you have set a goal.

Post visual images of your goals within view or in prominent locations to make your goal setting strategy work at its best.

Like in bathroom mirrors, pillow casings, the refrigerator, working area, even your car and your brief case.


6. Act on Each Goals

The next important step to goal setting is action. Each positive step you take is just another step up to the ladder.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself over miscues or minor failures. These are just part of reaching your goals. You won’t get lost as long as you have clearly defined your priorities.

Since every goal is stretched into a timeline, no action would result by lagging behind in a schedule.

After sometime, you will experience loss of interest and evenually stop midway from reaching your goals.


7. Track Your Progress

The most overlooked step in goal setting is tracking progress. It feels so tiring to some people to make updates or keep tabs of their actions.

Be sure to keep in check your motivation level.

After every goal that you have reached, reward yourself. If your motivation level goes down, you can adopt other system or style.


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