How to Watch Your Calories and Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone has a different take on the good and bad attributes of having a diet plan low in calorie count.

It would be better for the individual to explore the best calorie plan that is suited for his or her own lifestyle rather than adopt just any calorie plan in the hope of staying at an optimally healthy level.

Calories are not bad for the body, in fact they are a necessity as they function as the provider of the energy source for the daily body’s needs.

The problem lies in the actual intake of calories, where the intake is more than the usage of energy, thus contributing to a high percentage of the unused calorie being stored in the body system and this then contributes to the negative side effects which cause weight gain.

All foods contain calories the only difference is some of these foods contain higher amounts of calories than others.


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The usual measurement of the calorie content would be 1 gram of calorie is broken down into these following contributing measurements – carbohydrate is 4 calories, protein is 4 calories and fat is 9 calories.

Most food product sold will carry the above breakdown for the shopper to have an idea of the calorie content of the item being bought for consumption purposes.

Therefore in the quest to watch the calories it would be a product to start taking note of the information divulged on the packaging.

A fairly good guideline to go by would be that most green have comparably lower calories content to other foods.

Often the sweetened or processed foods have very high calorie content and this is also only slightly less when it comes to the calorie content in meats.

The fattier the meats the higher the calorie content therefore it would be better to opt for as much lean meat intake as possible.

Most children and youngsters don’t really need to watch their calorie intake if they practice very active daily routines but for the working adult without any or much physical workouts in the routine watching calories would be something to seriously consider.


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Live A Healthy Lifestyle

There are a lot of opinions on how to live a healthy lifestyle, for some it would mean eating only certain foods and following a strict diet plan, for others it would mean a lot of physical exercise and yet for others it would mean living a stress free lifestyle.

All these have its good attributes and are really quite advantages to follow but none can create a healthy lifestyle scenario by itself, ideally it should be a combination of all different positive elements complimenting each other to create the healthy lifestyle.

Taking small steps is often a better way to start the healthy lifestyle journey as it does entail some very significant changes.

For most people who have to go at it all at once, the feeling of being overwhelmed and defeated often causes them to eventually abandon any attempt to pursue a healthy lifestyle regiment.

Making simple adjustments without any drastic eliminating exercises will help to encourage the individual to make further more significant changes as time goes on.

These simple steps may include adding more greens and fruits to the current dietary habits.

Cutting down on unhealthy processed snacks is a good step to initiate but is often very difficult as these foods are usually delicious and hard to resist as they are so fittingly named “comfort foods”, however one way to doing so successfully is not having such food readily available and within easy reach.

The next time the grocery shopping is done, making an effort not to add these items to the cart would be a good first step in the right direction.

Another small change that can contribute towards a better lifestyle would be to incorporate some sort of exercise regiment into the daily or weekly schedule.

A lot of people give excuses about not having the time for such activities, small changes can be made, such as learning to take the stairs whenever possible as compared to the alternative of using the elevators or escalators.


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