How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that smart entrepreneurs learn to take advantage of and use to their fullest ability.

There are many different ways that you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your social media and getting the best return on your investment.


Focus on Important Days Throughout the Year

The important days that occur throughout the year give you content topics you can write on and if you have an editorial calendar they make an excellent addition.

Figure out how you can connect your brand to those important days.


Use Dark Posts to Hide Facebook Ads

We are constantly being told that we need to make sure we have a social media presence so the use of dark Facebook post sounds contradictory.

Some top brands have enjoyed great success when they publish posts that do not reach the newsfeed of their fans until after it is converted into an ad. This method works great to test two different ads.


Become Involved in Public Conversations That is Relevant

It can be hard for your brand to take a stand on some issues without the concern of alienating your customers. If you are an online company, this can be less of a concern.

Take the time to reply to public conversations that are relevant to your brand or company and that you feel comfortable posting to.


Short and Sweet Facebook Updates

Did you know that the perfect length for an update on Facebook is actually 40 characters or less.

Experiment and learn how to get straight to the point and keep your messages short and sweet.


New Product Launch

If you have a new product, you should consider your social media as your best audience and market to them immediately.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other relevant social media channels. Social media is an excellent way to launch new products.


Focus on Minimizing Any Negative Feedback

When you post on your social media channels, you can get both positive and negative feedback.

If you receive a complaint gather as much information as possible about the complaint, make your customer feel like you care and that they are being heard, and then get to work to fix the problem or if not fixable explain why and address the customer in detail.


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