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How many times have you heard “The money is in the list”?

You don’t have to be a veteran of countless affiliate marketing forums to run across this saying.

Chances are if you are doing any kind of online promotions or affiliate marketing, you have seen this phrase before.

If you are active online, you probably have seen it many times. It’s too easy to think that you only need to get a list going, and you’ll make bank.

This is what many list marketers like you end up doing … and they fail!

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Fact: Simply putting up a list is not going to make you an overnight millionaire or a master marketer. Forget about it.

If you keep reading and thinking that the money is in the list, you’re doing it the wrong way.

Chances are you’re either in the process of failing or you’ve already failed and you just don’t know about it.

I don’t mean to suggest that list marketing will not work for you.

Don’t get me wrong. What I’m getting at is if you go about it the wrong way, you are going to run into the eight common problems that I am going to discuss below.

You need to be aware of these common problems and prepare for them properly.

If not, I’m sorry to say it’s only a matter of time until you fail. You put in all this time, effort and money only to end up with very little to show for you.

Learn to spot these problems early on, prepare them and actively work around them if you want to succeed.

active online


Video 1 Introduction


Video 2 Be Clear on Who You Wish To Market To


Video 3 Find The Right E-mail Marketing Platform



Video 4 Decide on Your List Incentive


Video 5 Create and Feature Topnotch List Incentives


Video 6 Decide Between Updates Versus Pre-schedules Emails

Video 7 Optimize Your List By Targeting Your Traffic Source


Video 8 Optimize Your Squeeze Page Signup Rate


Video 9 Identify Your List Segmentation Strategy


Video 10 Conclusion


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