More Viral Marketing Success Strategies

More Viral Marketing Success Strategies

” Exploits common motivations and behaviors
” Utilizes existing communication networks
” Takes advantage of others’ resources

Exploits common motivations and behaviors

A clever viral marketing plan will take advantage of common human motivations. For instance, what proliferated “Netscape Now” buttons and “Microsoft Bob” T-shirts in the early days of the Web? It was the desire to be cool and be part of a trend. Another factor that always drives people is the desire to strike it rich, or put simply: Greed. A hunger to be popular, to be loved, and to be understood also stand out as driving human factors.
The resulting urge to communicate based on these basic human needs can produce millions of websites and billions of e-mail messages. When you can design a marketing strategy that builds on these common motivations and behaviors for its transmission, you have a winner.

Utilizes existing communication networks


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It is a fact that most people are social. Nerdy, basement-dwelling computer science grad students may be jokingly referred to as the exceptions, but even they have friends and family with whom they connect. In fact, scientists tell us that each person in the modern society has a network of anywhere from eight to twelve people in their group of close friends, family, and associates. If you factor in a person’s broader network that may increase to scores, hundreds, or even thousands of people with whom they interact within a given period depending upon their position in society. A waitress, for example, may communicate regularly with hundreds of customers in a given week; a person running a news-blog may reach millions.

Network marketers have long understood the power of these human networks, both the strong, close networks as well as the weaker networked relationships. People on the Internet develop networks of relationships, too. They collect e-mail addresses and favorite website URLs.
Affiliate programs exploit such networks, as do permission e-mail lists. Learn to place your message into existing communications between people, and you rapidly multiply its dissemination.

Takes advantage of others’ resources

The use of others’ resources aptly demonstrates what makes viral marketing unique. In a traditional campaign, the marketers themselves must identify a niche in society, carefully design a campaign that appeals to that target audience, and then pay for and otherwise promote ways to reach that group of people.

A viral campaign, on the other hand, both generates its own spread and is at least part self-targeting. People who are interested in or use your campaign will tend to be communicating with other people like themselves. They do your work for you by reaching your “target”‘ without your having to first identify and locate that group yourself. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, you are not out all the costs associated with first identifying and then reaching those individuals.

While you may still have a large percentage of people who do not participate if your offering is not of interest even if it is free. But considering that your costs are nil or close to it as compared to a traditional campaign, this is still a remarkably inexpensive type of marketing campaign to participate in!


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