Tips to keep your pet safe as New Year’s Eve approaches

There have been more than 1300 fireworks related 911 calls since the beginning of the month and New Year’s Eve is still four days away.

Pet owners are especially concerned about the affect it has on their dogs.

They get scared by the loud noises and sometimes run away.

So what can people do to calm their pets?


Johnny Ray’s New Year resolution tips and insights for digital nomads


Johnny Ray, the founder of the international digital nomad society, shares his views on New Year resolution for digital nomads who love being able to work when they want, where they want, while doing what they love to do.


How To Start The New Year Of 2019 Fresh? Top 5 Tips [Part 1]

How To Start 2019 Fresh and Right?

This the first edition of the video that I am making.

In this video I tell about top 5 tips to implement in 2019.


How To Finish The Year Strong! | KIKI’S TIPS AND ADVICE

Hey Guys, it’s Kiki here!

Hope you enjoyed these tips for finsihing the year off strong.

Have a lovely New Year GUYS!

Would love to know in the comments below if you used any of these tips and how it’s worked for you.

See you soon!

About This Video:
In this video, I’ll be revealing some helpful for tips off finishing the year strong and going into the New Year focused and determined. I’ll be talking about organising yourself and keeping consistent.

New Year Resolution Fitness Tips│VIDEO │Kroger

New year, new you!

Learn a quick and easy workout you can accomplish right in your home!

Subscribe to Kroger’s YouTube Channel today for more tasty recipes and how-to’s! …


How Do 3-Layer Conversion Systems Work for ClickBank Marketing

How Do 3-Layer Conversion Systems Work for ClickBank Marketing. Let’s get one thing clear, people looking to buy the ClickBank products you are promoting don’t care about you, okay? Let’s get that idea out of your head. They don’t care about your brand. They don’t care about your intentions or motivations.…

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Everything You Need For Success in 2019! The BIGGEST and BEST Toolkit

How would you like over $10,000 worth of tools that are responsible for over a million dollars in sales in 2018? Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill have been evaluating 2018 and have had one of their best years ever. To celebrate they have made all the tools and strategies that…

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3 Fun NEW YEAR’S Party Games (Dollar Store Supplies)

These three easy games are perfect for New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve parties!

Even better: you can get the supplies at the dollar store!

Enjoy party hats, noisemakers, bouncy balls, and New Year’s Eve disco balls in a whole new way!



• Checkerboard Race Game:
• Crazy Checkerboard Dice Game:
• Lego Uno:
• Cereal Pool (Billiards):
• Dice Wars:
• Star Wars Lifesaver Lightsaber Battles:
• 3 Lego Party Game Ideas:
• Fidget Spinner Pinball:
• 3 Back-to-School Games:
• Oreo Flip Challenge:
• 2 New Ways to Play Jenga:
• Math Dice:
• Sour Challenge! Lemon, Lime, or Grape Sublime:
• Hot Wheels/Car Party Games:
• Fidget Spinners Game Challenges: 2 New Ways to Play:
• Crumblin’ Tumblin’ Cookie Challenge:
• Bounce A•Round:
• 5-Minute Alphabet Dice Game:
• PINctionary:

• “Old Friend” and “Spring In My Step” by Silent Partner

4 New Year’s Resolution Ideas & Tips for 2019

Hey guys! In this video,

I break down some top tips on how to make new year’s resolutions that actually stick!

P.S. This one’s a re-upload!

Something was up with the audio of the last one. Enjoiii 🙂