Squeeze Pages With High Conversions

It is essential that you get your squeeze page right as it is the first step in your sales funnel process.

It does not matter if your lead magnet is top notch as well as your email sequence if you can not capture the email address of your squeeze page visitor.

You must make the effort to measure the conversions that your squeeze page delivers.

It is just the number of people that opt in divided by the number of visitors to your squeeze page.

Your Headline Is Critical
With written sales pages it is often said that the longer the copy the better conversions you will achieve.

The opposite is true of squeeze pages and this has been proven in several tests.

Your headline explains the benefits of obtaining your great lead magnet and this needs to be achieved in a few punch words to be really effective.

There have been several squeeze page tests conducted and a really interesting one was whether a squeeze page converted better with or without bullet points.

The tests revealed that just a headline and no bullet points lead to greater conversions.

Nobody really understands why this is the case– less is more is the best conclusion.

Your visitor is busy and you need to do everything to respect their time.

There is no sale to be made so long copy is really not necessary.

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Use your headline to create hope and curiosity. Be sure to tell your visitor that the information in your lead magnet is not very well known. Use the final line of the headline to tell your visitor about the biggest benefit. Play around with your headlines to see what converts the best.

Promote your Brand with a Pre Heading
It is very likely that your visitor will have never heard of your brand before.

They may not look at your domain name so get your brand in front of them with a good pre heading. Use the space right at the top of your squeeze page box for this.

There is nothing wrong with using your own name so you could write “The Sally Jones Newsletter Proudly Presents …”

When you are using a specific name then replace with this. It is important that you present your brand name as when your subscriber receives your emails they will be from your brand name.

Just add your brand name to the “From” field.

The first email after subscribing should arrive very quickly into your subscriber’s inbox so they should be able to relate this to your squeeze page and free lead magnet.

Don’t ask for your Visitors First Name
The old convention was to ask for a first name and email address.

Just ask for their email address.


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