The Art Of Meditation Free Video Course

The Art Of Meditation Free Video Course If you think that you are performing at a substandard level in any area of your life, it’s very easy to just blow it off! It really is! It’s very easy to think of it as another bad day or a series of…

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Personal Transformation Mastery Free Video Course

Are you ready to become something better? Something more than you are now? What we’re discussing here is embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation that will leave you smarter, more confident, calmer, more capable and better able to conquer and succeed in every aspect of your life. But…

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Mindful Meditation Free Video Course

Mindful Meditation Free Video Course Be Fully Immersed In These 14 Powerful Video Course! Get Ready To Unearth Your Potential And Live A Life Filled With Wealth, Health And Happiness Just Sit Back And Press PLAY To Reap All The Benefits!   Video 1 Introduction   Video 2 What is…

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List Building Profits Free Video Course

If you’re a list marketer, you know that list marketing, as exciting as it can be, isn’t a slam dunk. If that was the case, then the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people trying their hand at list marketing would be overnight millionaires. That, obviously, is not the…

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Juicing For Vitality Free Video Course

Have you tried juicing? If yes – That’s great, because juicing has a lot to offer you that will benefit your health and wellbeing. Juicing can make you feel better in so many ways. You’re One Step Closer To Rejuvenating Your Vitality…   Video 1 Beginner’s Guide To Juicing  …

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How To Completely Redesign Your Life – You 2.0 Free Video Course – Part 2

You 2.0 – How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself. A proven system to make positive changes in any area of your life. Designed to help clarify your goals, focus your energy and radically change your life. All you have to do is just be open to learning and…

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Driving Force Within Free Video Course

Driving Force Within Free Video Course We all have dreams – dreams of a better life, dreams of personal freedom, dreams of long-lasting happiness, dreams of finally reaching our goals. But why is it that so few people succeed, and far too many continue living unhappy and mediocre lives, their…

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Absolute Yoga Free Video Course

Yoga is something different to most people. It’s quite diverse, and practitioners have different expectations when they start. That’s perfectly okay. Whether your goal is greater enlightenment, a more toned and muscular body, or relief from disease, there’s a yoga for you. This free video course can serve as a…

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Exercise To Beat Aging

[…]Exercise To Beat Aging Exercise and diet have been evidenced to help prevent Osteoporosis and Alzheimers Disease as well as a lot of the heart condition issues like hypertension and weight gain. Get Moving Like most individuals, you’ve likely heard that physical activity and exercise are great for you. In…

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Slime is so insanely multifunctional! Not only it’s a great toy and antistress device but also great for cleaning and whatnot!

How to make Slime

1. Pour 8 ounces of your white glue in a bowl.

Tip: I like to buy the large gallon-size of Elmer’s Glue since it’s the most economical. It’s easy to pour and measure out your glue with measuring cups and you can use it to make lots of batches of slime!

2. Mix your baking soda in.

3. Add you water and mix thoroughly.

4. Add the baby oil and lotion and mix.

5. Add 1 tablespoon of contact lens solution and mix.

6. Pour the slime out on the table as it will be very sticky still. This is what you want since when you add your clay it will take the stickiness away.

Add a little amount of clay and fold over your slime and knead it into the slime. Keep kneading until your slime is colored and the clay is thoroughly mixed.

7. The more you knead the less sticky it should be until it feels like regular slime. You can now stretch and fold a few times and create your own swirl!

I hope you love this butter slime recipe as much as I do! You can also substitute the clay and add some cornstarch in for a similar consistency. We would recommend about 2-4 tablespoons of cornstarch.




Hello friends in the DIY tutorial of today will learn how to make this 11 simple life hacks for kitchen or school, i build this smart inventions with easy things like coca-cola or other household things that are very easy to find in your home, enjoy this new and magic tricks and see you in the next 5 minutes crafts videos!

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Tips to keep your pet safe as New Year’s Eve approaches

There have been more than 1300 fireworks related 911 calls since the beginning of the month and New Year’s Eve is still four days away.

Pet owners are especially concerned about the affect it has on their dogs.

They get scared by the loud noises and sometimes run away.

So what can people do to calm their pets?