Garlands on the Staircase and Banister – Christmas Decorating and Decorations

Christmas Decorations and Christmas Decorating ideas for your staircase Banister is as easy as it can be when following Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson’s step by step instructions.San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson shares her personal Christmas Decorating tips

What The Buck response video on how to decorate your Staircase for Christmas. Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you behind the scenes and teaches you the steps behind the magic.

Decorating your Staircase banister is a beautiful way of bringing Christmas to additional parts of your home ensuring the attention goes beyond the obvious Christmas Tree. In this video, she will walk you through the steps she takes to decorating her own stair case.


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step #1. Attach the Garland to your railing in a casual swaging style and fluff the branches (if artificial:-)
step #2. Light the Garland starting from the middle out.
step #3 and 4. add twig type or icy branch garlands
step #5. Add the balls and ornaments.
step #6. Establish a focal point at the base of the stair for added attention and detail.
step #7. Add ribbons and bows.
step #8. Add the ice cycles to the tips of branches
step #9. Hide extension cords as best you can (use a cord that is the closet color to your wall color.) Or have electrical outlets added at the tops of each landing :-)

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