The 5 Meditation Elements to Help You with Your Practice

Staying centered during meditation can be a bit of a challenge considering the chaos that surrounds us in the world.

Reacting to the external chaos and other events that are beyond our control can lead you to have feelings of fear and anxiety.

Using the following five elements during your practice can help to relieve fatigue in both your mind and body and will assist you in connecting yourself to the universal flow of energy.

Buddhist meditation

This meditation technique acts as a building block to the universal flow of energy and all material existence.



An expansive and empty element, space represents no resistance.

Space is the container for all the other elements and the source of intuition and wisdom from the universe.



Air is a movable, dry, light, and dynamic element. It represents the potential of motion and empowers the ideas and goals with its flight.

Air is viewed as the wind externally and as nervous impulses, circulation, and movement of breath internally.

It represents a channel for clear communication and self-expression.

It can influence your ability to act from a place of love and compassion, and when it is out of balance, jealousy can occur.



A hot, intense, powerful, and transformative element.

Fire is viewed as fire or the sun externally, while internally it is viewed as the element that drives cognitive processes and digestion.



The element, water, is seen as flowing, movable, smooth, and cool. It can also be represented as a solid as it connects, nourishes, transports, and provides protection.

It provides the ability to flow, adapt, avoid unhealthy attractions, and act selflessly.

Water rules the blood, and other bodily fluids, as well as “cold” medical conditions like joint pain.



A heavy element, earth is stable, rigid, solid, and constant.

Earth represents all the solid matter and structure of the universe.


When it comes to using the elements in your meditation practice, take your time and begin to observe the area around you. The more your attention shifts to explore these elements the better you’ll start to understand and connect with the universe.

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