The Bushido Code #Free #VideoCourse

The Bushido Code #Free #VideoCourse

Are you getting angry over what’s going on around the world these days?

With the corruption, politics, cronyism, favoritism and biasedness?

And I will stand with you because I understand…

But aren’t you getting tired of fighting the injustices in life?

Rather than fighting over who’s right…

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Ask yourself this: Does it even really matter?

I sincerely believe that by setting our differences aside, you can achieve inner peace…




Video 0 Introduction – The Path To Enlightenment


Video 1 Gi-Righteousness


Video 2 Yu-Courage


Video 3 Jin-Benevolence


Video 4 Rei-Respect


Video 5 Makoto-Integrity


Video 6 Meiyo-Honor


Video 7 Chugi-Loyalty


Video 8 Jisei-Self-Control


Video 9 Conclusion-A Simple Choice


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