Warning there’s a hidden truth about fat that’s keeping you from losing it

It’s sad to say this, but when it comes to our food, our government isn’t really on our side. They act like they are, but it’s all for show. Here’s why…

Ever since the 1970’s, when the health craze really got started, we’ve seen a lot of new products hitting the shelves. We’re all familiar with Wheat thins and baked potato chips and veggie straws, right?

Yet there’s something else that really gets us, and it’s insidious because these words on the labels make us think that the product we’re buying is healthier and that we can actually eat more of it.


What am I talking about?


Reduced fat and fat free.

I’m sorry to say that these two phrases have created and maintained more fat people over the last 40+ years than anything else has. The first reason I’ve listed above. You see reduced fat cookies or fat free yogurt or whatever and think, “Hey, it’s healthy so I can still enjoy myself without any limitations!”

baked potato chips

Nope, sorry to bust your bubble, but that’s not true.

Sugar-free is another one. They just replace sugar with synthetic chemicals that are supposed to be healthy… yeah, like pumping your body full of saccharin and aspartame is good for you.

Or fat substitutes like Olestra – remember that stuff? Eat these yummy Olestra potato chips and enjoy yourself… right up until the uncontrollable anal leakage hits!

See, sugar is the problem. When these food manufacturers take away the fat, they simply replace it with sugar. Fat and sugar are what makes junk food taste so good. They also enhance salad dressing, soup, crackers, cereal, and ice cream and so on.


Unfortunately, sugar is far far more destructive to your body than fat. It’s now been proven that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. And sugar is quickly converted into fat cells and stored in the pancreas as glycogen – the leading cause of diabetes.

So the next time good old Uncle Sam makes a big stink about McDonald’s French fries, step up and ask him why it’s okay to put massive amounts of sugar in our food!


Just check the ingredients on your favorite can, bag, bottle or box. See where sugar is on the list. Keep in mind that ingredients are listed from the most to the least, so if sugar, corn syrup, malto dextrin or other sweeteners are above #4… you’ll know why dropping a few pounds is so tough today.


If you want to know how to combat this bullcrap, how to use your body’s natural processes to lose big pounds quickly and safely without gut-busting cardo, starvation, spending 3 hours in the gym or eating weird foods, then click this link and watch a free video and learn how to make big strides for yourself.


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